Waltércio Caldas

Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 1946


Waltércio Caldas ranks among the “Artists with most exhibitions between 1987 and 2012”, according to the 2012 survey by  Itaú Cultural. He is the Brazilian artist who had the most exhibitions in Brazil and abroad over last 25 years.


The work of Waltércio Caldas challenges our cognition and the way we regard and recognize certain combinations of materials and geometries. His works test the perception of what we see and the way our eyes connect with the mind. His works are easily identified. The installations, sculptures, objects and drawings require time for the spectator to appreciate; who must slow down to allow doubt, astonishment, and questioning. These are called “sculptural moments” by the artist. The sculptures are not apparent volumes, but disposed to instill tension.

Rua Caconde 152

01425 – 010 São Paulo, Brazil

+55 11 3882 7120


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