Vik Muniz

São Paulo, SP, 1961


Jam, cotton, chocolate, garbage and diamond are some of the materials that Vik Muniz uses to create images of Leonardo da Vinci, Elizabeth Taylor or garbage pickers. One of the most internationally renowned Brazilian artists, Vik´s work can be found in many important museums of contemporary art, such as the George Pompidou in Paris, the Guggenheim in New York, and the Reina Sofía in Madrid.


In Lixo extraordinário (Extraordinary Garbage), nominated for the Oscar for Best Documentary in 2011, describes the process of making giant artworks using trash from the landfill in Jardim Gramacho, Rio de Janeiro. Vik Muniz made US$ 300,000 for the sale of the photographic registers of these works at an auction and donated all the proceeds to the Association of Garbage Pickers.

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