Tomie Oht​ake

Kioto, Japan, 1913 –

São Paulo, SP, 2016


As an adult, when visiting her brother in Brazil, Tomie decided to move to the country because of the war. She started painting in her free time. A housewife, already middle aged, she produced  engravings, sculptures and public artworks. The remarkable results of her work made Tomie one of the most recognized artists in Brazil.


Her paintings are characterized by a reduced pallet of colors, an influence of the Japanese culture: “this influence is in the search of conciseness: few elements must convey a lot”, explains the artist in the book "Tomie Othake retrospective exhibition”. In her pictures, she looked for transparencies, textures and vibrations of light. In 2003, her career was celebrated by the opening of an art institute in her name, designed by Ruy Othake, the artist's son.


On her 100th birthday in 2013, the venue promoted an exhibition devoted to her, whose artworks conveyed the rationalism of geometric construction through the organic brushstrokes of the artist. The works represented the key theme of her work: the intangibility of perfection.

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