Sérgio Camargo

Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 1930 – 1990


One of Brazil's most important contemporary sculptors to explore the richness of the constructivism art legacy, Sergio Camargo adhered to no groups or movements. He initiated his art studies at the Altamira Academy, Buenos Aires, and was particularly interested in the Argentinean constructivism. Late in the 1940s, he moved to Paris and frequented Brancusi's atelier, the Romanian sculptor (1876-1957).


In 1963 he started designing white painted wooden sculptures. He would work with them for ten years. In these works, the mathematical rationalism and the organic causality coexist in harmony. Marble became the main element of Sergio Carvalho´s work in the 1970s  - the material’s polished surface promotes more effective reflection of light rays, intensifying the artwork’s dynamism. In this same decade, he joined a group of artists including Waltercio Caldas (1946), Iole de Freitas(1945), Tunga (1952), José Resende (1945), among others, with which he remained until his death.

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