Raphael Galvez

18.08 – 30.09 / 2017

The painter, sculptor and illustrator Raphael Galvez always had a strong attachment to his works. Throughout his lifetime, he refused to sell any of his art  and was little known by the public at large, despite his universal recognition by critics who regarded him as a key figure in Brazilian modernism. Between 18 August and 16 September, São Paulo´s public can get to know his work first hand at a benefit show being held at the Almeida & Dale Gallery.


The exhibition includes a collection of 60 of Galvez´s works comprising 40 paintings and 20 drawings. The artworks were donated by the collector Orandi Momesso, who decided to offer his collection of the artist´s work for sale to raise funds and donate them in full to Doctors Without Borders an international NGO which delivers medical care to people affected by humanitarian crises all over the globe.


The idea of the charity show emerged in 2016, when Orandi came across a video report presenting the institution´s work. Impressed by the organization’s professionals, he decided to help by donating part of his collection of the artist´s work. The collector was a friend of Galvez and following his death in 1998 inherited the artist´s large body of work.


“Galvez is one of the great names of the second generation of Brazilian modernism, the author of an extraordinary body of work. Alongside figures of the likes of Alfredo Volpi and Mario Zanini, who was also his colleague, the artist takes his place in the Pantheon of art of the period”, affirmed Orandi.


To help in the process of choosing the works, the collector brought in curator Rui Moreira Leite, responsible for the curatorship of the exhibition. Besides the oils and drawings up for sale in the show, the curator included a set of paintings and sculptures that will afford visitors a deeper understanding of the collection of Galvez´s work and his career path.


“The exhibition provides an interesting sample of Galvez´s work, a record of the artist´s take on the 1930s through to the 1980s. Highlights of this era include a series of São Paulo landscapes on the banks of the river Tietê. These paintings have muted hues, normally grey and ochers, used to depict the city suburbs. These images show landscapes practically devoid of people, with rare suggestions of human presence in the form of washerwomen or rowers”, said the curator.


During the opening of the show at the Almeida & Dale Gallery, there will also be a book launch which introduces readers to the life and work of Raphael Galvez. The publication contains texts by Orandi Momesso and Rui Moreira Leite, who during the event will also give a talk to the public. The 256-page hardback is published by Via Impressa Design Gráfico e Edições de Arte.



Raphael Galvez spent the best part of his life dividing his time between paintings, drawings and sculptures which he produced for pure pleasure, while graveside sculptures and monument designs brought in income for his upkeep and that of his siblings.


A member of the  Santa Helena Group, the association of artists created in 1934, Galvez was a partner in the Mário Zanini atelier. This experience provided a basis for the painter´s work and led to him to participate in endless life model sessions and curiously observe the array of artistic happenings around the city.


In the mid-1950s, his work was included in two comprehensive shows: 50 years of Brazilian landscape, presented at the Museum of Modern Art by Sérgio Milliet, and the Exhibition of Modern Portraiture, displayed at the Ibirapuera Park. At this time, his works were exhibited alongside not only those of Santa Helena, but also those of the modernists – testament to the acknowledgment of his work by the art circuit and its critics.


From the 1960s, Galvez enjoyed a long retirement, giving talks about his contemporaries and taking part in shows dedicated to the 1940s.


The artist had a series of solo retrospective exhibitions. The largest of these was held in 1999, the year of his death, at the Pinacoteca of São Paulo state

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