José Pancetti

Campinas, SP, 1902 – Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 1958


Pancetti was a sailor and started his artworks during work breaks or moments of solitude out at sea. And the sea experience, together with his talent and devotion to painting, put the artist among the top modern seascape painters in Brazil. Pancetti's compositions  - whether seascapes, still life, portraits or urban scenes - are characterized by unexpected framings, aerial perspectives or views at diagonal angles.


He studied in Italy, worked as apprentice in carpentry shops and factories up to the age of 17, when he joined the Italian merchant navy. In 1920, he returned to Brazil and two years later enlisted in the Brazilian navy where he remained for twenty years. In 1933, he joined the Bernardelli Group* and was given guidance by the Polish painter Bruno Lechowski (1887 - 1941).


*Bernardelli Group - From 1931 to 1947, this Rio-based group convened artists to draw with life models and to practice plein air painting. He fought for the improvement of education in the National School of Fine Arts and for the opening of the Salão Nacional de Belas-Artes for the young. Trained by Edson Motta (1910-1981), Bruno Lechowski (1887-1941), José Pancetti (1902-1958), Milton Dacosta (1915-1988), Yoshiya Takaoka (1909-1978), Yuji Tamaki (1916-1979), Joaquin Tenreiro (1906-1992), Manoel Santiago (1897-1987), among others.

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