Jac Leiner

São Paulo, SP, 1961


With an almost neurotic obsession for objects, Jac Leirner works center on what is indifferent in us. By collecting mainly trivial objects, such as banknotes or envelopes, and “appropriating” them, Leirner demonstrates her ability to produce meaning.


What initially drives her work is the need to withhold these objects and remove them from the flow of consumerism and life. Removing them from the circuit of consumerism, the artist hoards them in her atelier for months, sometimes years. Later, in a phase the artist refers to as “engendering”, i.e. gestation, she combines these objects producing a new object and form. The resultant object is reintroduced into the world, to the flow of consumerism and life and is repurposed.

Rua Caconde 152

01425 – 010 São Paulo, Brazil

+55 11 3882 7120


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