Flávio de Carvalho

Amparo da Barra Mansa, RJ, 1899

– Valinhos, SP, 1973


Experimentation was primordial in Flávio de Carvalho's work, father of happenings and performances, using the term “experiences” to refer to his practices that had no connection with traditional categories of art. The most well-known experience is the creation of male tropical clothing, in 1956. These initiatives were the product of the artist´s anarchic trait and were intended to investigate the psychology of the masses.


In his work, albeit painting, architecture, drawings or experiences, the focus is always on the individual as well as the emotions: the feeling of fear, pain, pleasure, joy and anguish about life and death. When addressing death he tries mainly to establish and question limits, exemplified in the series of drawings Minha mãe morrendo (My mother dying).


Engineer, architect, designer, theatrical designer and fine artist, Flávio de Carvalho left an extensive body of work, which is part of the most important collections of institutions in the country. The great number of artworks, however, had become spread out - and by the end of 2013, works assumed to be lost were found at the Municipal Theatre, Mário de Andrade Library and in the Historical Archive.

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