Fernando Botero​

Medellín, Colômbia, 1932


This living artist has held more exhibitions than any other. Botero invents his artistic universe by defying the rules of nature, redefining standards of beauty thereby establishing his own order and reason. The artist’s sculptures, paintings and drawings are characterized mainly by the monumental and voluminous figures depicted.


The pleasure created through the sensuality of the forms he represents is juxtaposed with the pain that permeates his paintings renouncing violence and social injustice in Colombia. Botero is internationally renowned for painting these two aspects in a way that makes the plastic experience go beyond the visual sensation and reach the fullness of our senses, references and view of the world. In 2012, to commemorate his 80th year, the Almeida & Dale Gallery hosted a major exhibition showing artworks from galleries of many countries.

Rua Caconde 152

01425 – 010 
São Paulo, Brazil

+55 11 3882 7120


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