Fernando Botero

27.01 – 21.12 / 2012

The São Paulo Almeida & Dale Gallery is putting on the largest show of Botero with works for sale. The exhibition commemorates the artist´s 80th birthday.

In celebration of Fernando Botero´s 80th, the Almeida & Dale Gallery will hold the first exhibition of its kind in Brazil with 35 pieces by the lauded Columbian artist available for purchase. Drawn from many galleries around the world, sculptures, paintings and drawings depicting the trademark monumental and voluminous figures of Botero.


Elements of Latin-American culture with vibrant colors breathe life into the original drawings inspired by classic painting themes such as still-life, and seminal works by masters of the likes of Velázquez, Da Vinci and Van Gogh. The event is organized in partnership with the artist´s dealer, Fernando Padrilla, and will be open to the public on the 27 November – viewings, however, are by appointment only.


“The Brazilian art market is buoyant right now. Collectors the world over are alert to what is being produced and sold here”, stated  Antonio Almeida, partner of the Almeida & Dale Gallery. For this exhibition, Botero´s current artworks are placed together with his earlier works  – there is a still-life from the 1970s for example.   “The various series he produced are a focus of this show and includes an array of different works by the artist”, said Almeida.

Botero creates his artistic universe by challenging the rules of nature and defining new meaning for standards of beauty, thereby establishing his own order and reason. Volume represents dimension, solidity and magnitude and allows objects, landscapes and personalities portrayed to assert themselves in space. All these particular concepts will be explored in the show: pictures such as “Trapezista” (Trapeze Artist), “Ator de Circo” (Circus Actor), “Palhaço sentado” (Sitting Clown) and “Bailarina” (Ballerina) depict circus themes; whereas “Toureiro” (Matador) and “Dois Músicos” (Two Musicians) portray popular customs, among other examples. The artist´s work reveals the influence of Mexican modernists, Renaissance art and Baroque, all of which feature in most of his art.

Besides the show in São Paulo, other institutions around the world are also paying homage to the artist. The Bilbao Fine Arts Museum in Spain, for example, is putting on the largest anthological exhibition of the artist, entitled the Fernando Botero Celebración. The show includes 80 of the 3200 plus works produced by the Columbian artist and shall run until January 2013. “I don´t paint fatties”, commented Botero at the opening of the exhibition in Bilbao. “I seek to express volume as part of the sensuality of art”. Recently, Brazil hosted the traveling exhibition Dores da Colômbia (Pains from Columbia), whose collection was donated by Botero to the National Museum of Colombia and displayed at the MuBE in São Paulo. The show depicted the explosive relationship between narcotraffic and the Columbian people.


Born in Medellin, the second-most populous city of Columbia, Botero began his professional career as an illustrator for the El Colombiano newspaper. A self-taught artist, he held his first solo exhibition in 1951 and subsequently pursued academic studies at art academies.

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