Artur Barrio

Porto, Portugal, 1945


The Situations, bodies and objects placed in movement to momentarily modify a place and an instant, featured in Arthur Barrio’s artwork since 1960. One of the most outstanding is the T/T, 1 Situation, produced during the military dictatorship. Barrio put piles of bloody clothes alongside a stream in Belo Horizonte, provoking passers-by and evoking the state the country was in. The Situations are drawn from his notes, drawings and collages which filled what he called CadernosLivros and known to the public through photos, films or books.


Barrio also produced works of art that question the sacredness of the art institutions, using perishable materials such as meat, fish, and ground coffee, among others. His artwork resembles the experiences of Flávio De Carvalho (1899), the father of performance.

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