Antonio Bandeira

Fortaleza, CE, 1922 – Paris, France, 1967


Painter, illustrator and engraver influenced by Expressionism, in the beginning of his career, Bandeira portrayed dramatic aspects of life in the suburbs of Fortaleza. He played an important role in the founding of the Cultural Center of Fine Arts and, two years later, of the Cearense Society of Fine Arts, which were important to mobilize visual arts in Ceará State.


Armed with a scholarship, he traveled to Paris
in 1946, a city where he spent long periods until the end of his life. In search of art that went beyond the academy teachings, Bandeira quit his studies and began meeting artists, Camille Bryen (1907 - 1977) and Wols (1913-1951), for example. They created the BanBryols Group which, although short-lived, had significant importance in the history of abstract painting - the pictures he created at that time made him a great painter of lyrical abstraction. His works in gauche and Nankeen no longer outlined shapes, but instead conferred forms like stains, lines and smudges to his art.

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