Aldo Bonadei

São Paulo, SP, 1906 – 1974


Painter, engraver, seamster and costume designer, Bonadei was one of the few Brazilian artists deeply involved with art research and his quest for innovation was a recurrent feature throughout his career. His first artworks verged on the academic and, little by little, the lessons of cubism were assimilated to produce an entirely personal style of expression. In pioneering fashion, in the 1940s he followed a route of abstraction in his “musical impressions”, although he had been misunderstood at the time.


He was a member of the Santa Helena Group*, depicting urban landscapes in São Paulo and painted still life in the style of Paul Cézanne (1839-1906). In 2012, the Almeida & Dale Gallery presented a retrospective on the 40th anniversary of the artist's death, which exhibiting his many facets and brought together the most important artworks produced by him.


*the Santa Helena Group - Formed largely by Brazilian artists with Italian roots such as Alfredo Volpi, Aldo Bonadei, Francisco Rebolo, Mário Zanini, Humberto Rosa, Fulvio Pennacchi, Clóvis Graciano, Manuel Martins and Alfredo Rizzoti. They rented rooms at the Palacete Santa Helena building in Sé Square to draw life models; and embarked on excursions to paint scenes of everyday life, urban landscapes and traditional festive events in São Paulo city.

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